Rhythm, Tempo, and Counting


Introduction to Rhythm

Learn the basics of rhythm, including time signatures, note values, and rests.

How to Count Simple Rhythms

Learn how to read and count the most basic rhythms used in music: quarter, half, and whole notes.

Quarter, Half, and Whole Rests

Rests are the silences in music. Learn how to read and count rests.

Dotted Notes and Ties

Dots and ties extend the value of a note. Learn how to count rhythms that include dotted and tied notes.

Eighth Notes and Rests

Learn how to read and count eighth notes.

Eighth Note Triplets

Tips on counting and reading triplets.

Sixteenth Notes

How to count various sixteenth note rhythms.

Compound Time Signatures

Learn the difference between simple and compound time signatures. How to identify compound time signatures, how to count rhythms in these time signatures and more.

Swung Eighth Notes

Swing rhythms are common in blues, jazz, and a few other styles. Learn how to count and play these rhythms.

How to Use a Metronome

A metronome is one of the most essential tools for developing a solid sense of rhythm. Learn how they work and how you can benefit from using one.

Rhythm Reference

Counting Guide

A concise guide to counting. Includes counting suggestions for simple rhythms (quarter notes, eighth notes, ect.), compound time signatures, complex time signatures, and more.