Free Online Guitar Lessons is a collection of free guitar lessons, sheet music and tab, guitar chords, and more. The lessons cover everything from how to play chords to music theory and beyond. Our sheet music archive includes classical guitar music, easy guitar tab for beginners, and much more.

New Guitar Lessons

The 12-bar Progression

Get started with learning blues guitar by playing the 12-bar chord progression.

Swung Eighth Notes

Swing rhythms are common in blues, jazz, and other styles. Learn how to count and play these rhythms.

Introduction to Chord Progressions

Learn the basics of chord progressions, including several different systems for labeling a progression.

Movable Chords

Simple chord voicings for major, minor, and various seventh chords that can be moved around the neck.

Bass Notes and Power Chords

Techniques for playing bass notes with power chords. Includes an explanation of pedal points.

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