How to Read Music Notation on Guitar

This series of lessons will take you through playing simple music in the first position on all six strings. Learn basic rhythms, melodies, and music notation concepts.

Introduction to Music Notation

Learn the basics of music notation and how it applies to the guitar.

Notes on the First String

Learn how to play E, F, and G in the first position on the high E string.

Notes on the Second String

Learn the notes B, C, and D on the second string. Includes melodies and exercises in quarter, half, and whole notes.

Notes on the Third String

Learn about dotted half notes and A and G on the third string

Notes on the Fourth String

Learn how repeats work and the notes D, E, and F on the fourth string.

Notes on the Fifth String

Learn about legder lines and the notes A, B, and C on the fifth string.

Notes on the Sixth String

Learn how metronome markings work and the notes E, F, and G on the sixth string.