Music Notation Reference

This series of lessons is a crash course in music notation. All aspects of notation that you are likely to encounter in guitar music are covered.

The Staff

Learn about the staff and what each of the lines and spaces mean.

Accidentals and Key Signatures

Learn about key signatures and accidentals.


Information on articulations, including legato, staccato, sul ponticello, and more.


Learn about the clefs used in guitar music along with other common clefs.


Learn about the symbols and words that affect the loudness and softness of the music.


Details on indications used for right and left hand fingerings.

Notes and Rhythm

Learn about the symbols used to indicate rhythm in music.

Repeats and Codas

Learn about symbols used to indicate a repeat of a section or the entire piece.


Learn about the symbols and words used to control the speed of the music you play.