How Harmonics Are Notated in Guitar Tablature

There are many ways of producing harmonics on the guitar. Each technique is indicated in a specific way. These approaches are discussed below.

Natural harmonics

A natural harmonic is indicated with the text 'Harm.' above a note.

Natural harmonic in tab

A dotted line may be used above the affected notes if there are several harmonics in a row. Note that this may be used with any kind of harmonic.

Several natural harmonics in a row indicated with a dotted line

Natural harmonics are occasionally notated by placing the fret number in a diamond.

Artificial Harmonics

An artificial harmonic is indicated by the text 'A.H.' above two fret numbers. The first fret number indicate the note that should be fretted. The second number specifies the fret where the harmonic is played.

Artificial harmonic

Tap Harmonics

Tap harmonics are indicated with the text 'T.H.' above two numbers. The numbers work the same way as artificial harmonics: the first number is the note that is fretted and the second number is the fret where the harmonic is tapped.

Tap harmonic notated in tab

Slap harmonics are a variation of tap harmonics where several strings are 'slapped' at once using a straightened finger to play the harmonics rather than the fingertips. They are indicated in the same way as tap harmonics, but there will be several notes indicated rather than just one.

Slap harmonic in tab

Pinch Harmonics

Pinch harmonics are indicated with the text 'P.H.' over a note. The pitch of the harmonic is generally indicated below the staff with the word 'pitch' and the letter name of the pitch to be played.

Pinch harmonic in tab