Learn How to Read Tablature

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the most common symbols used in tablature.

Introduction to Tablature

Learn the basics of how to read tablature, including information on what the lines and numbers mean.


Find out how various bending techniques are indicated in tablature.

Hammer-ons and Pull-offs

How to read hammer-ons and pull-offs in tab.


How to read indications for natural, artificial, pinch, and tap harmonics.

Picking Techniques

Learn how pick scrapes, upstrokes, downstrokes, and other techniques are shown in tab.


Learn how to read slides in tablature.


Indications used for right and left hand tapping.


Learn the symbols used to indicate various vibrato techniques.

Whammy Bar

Learn how to read the symbols that indicate common whammy bar techniques, including scoops, vibrato and dive bombs.