How Tapping is Notated in Guitar Tab

Tapping is a technique where a right hand finger is used to hammer on or pull off. Tapping is most commonly indicated with a 'T' above the notes that are tapped:

Tapping indicated with a 'T'

The 'T' may occasionally be enclosed in a circle:

Tapping indicated with a circled 'T'

Tapping is sometimes indicated by placing the tapped notes in a circle as shown below:

Tapping indicated by placing tapped notes in a circle

Tapping can also be specified with a '+':

Tapping indicated with a '+'

More than one note may be tapped at a time:

Tapping notes on multiple strings at once

Left Hand Tapping

The left hand may tap with the right hand. This approach is found in music by Joe Satriani, Stanley Jordan and others. The left hand tapping is often indicated with a 'T' in a circle to distinguish it from notes tapped with the right hand.

Two hand tapping